LLC "Avantage"

  • Wholesale of petroleum products
  • Delivery in any way convenient for you
  • Extensive experience in the implementation and delivery of fuel and fuel
  • Increased attention to fuel quality , especially seasonal
  • Strict compliance with the terms of cooperation and timing of fuel delivery
  • Qualified personnel regularly undergoing vocational training
  • Careful control over the care of personnel and equipment
  • Flexible pricing policy

Our suppliers

Direct suppliers

The range of petroleum products is purchased directly from refineries, with whom we have strong partnerships. That is why it is possible to buy oil products in our company at favorable prices for you.

  • Best prices
  • Efficiency of shipments
  • Instantly resolve all issues
oil products, fuel, fuels and lubricants
oil products, fuel, fuels and lubricants

Own car park

LLC "AVANTAZH" delivers the sold oil products by its own transport, which can significantly reduce the cost

Full line control

Excluded any possible effects on products while driving.

Large fleet

25 own tank trucks and over 200 attracted

our team

We are convinced that the basis of the success of LLC "AVANTAZH" is a close-knit team of specialists that allows us to be proud and confident.

oil products, fuel, fuels and lubricants


Always ready to understand all the nuances

They will help, prompt, answer all your questions.

oil products, fuel, fuels and lubricants


Know all the secret trails

Always ready to deliver cargo to the desired point on the globe quickly and with minimal cost.

oil products, fuel, fuels and lubricants


The best in their field

The vast experience and continuous training allows you to quickly solve all the tasks.


always everything is in touch

Director -
Bozharov Yury Yuryevich

Phone: +7 928 178 10 11

Commercial Director -
Shusharin Andrey Olegovich

Phone: +7 961 412 32 21

Head of Sales -
Markov Ilya Andreevich

Phone: +7 909 439 59 29

Logist -
Slinko Catherine Vadimovna

Phone: +7 961 425 25 07

Manager -
Pavel Anatolievich Repkin

Phone: +7 903 437 37 01

Head of Accounting Department of Accounting -
Vershinina Galina Vladimirovna

Phone: +7 961 425 53 57

We are always happy to help you.

+7 928 178 10 11

With respect to you and your business.

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